New York Times weighs in on martinis

New York Times story on martinis from May 2, 2007

We haven't gotten to read it yet, but we already like the sound of 4 people and 80 martinis. Sounds like Thursday night.


Our favorite martini gin, Plymouth English Gin, could not have been more stylish and graceful. Plymouth has the classic juniper-based gin profile, yet it is uncommonly subtle and smooth. Still, it is assertive, its complexity emerging slowly but distinctly, the proverbial fist in a velvet glove.

Plymouth English gin, eh? Consider us interested, and out of Bombay Sapphire.


jenni said...

i love plymouth. i used to stick to bombay sapphire, then found out about the wonder that's london dry gin.

Matt said...

Plymouth is tremendous; I've found it tough to go back to dry gin after drinking it.