Bottle Gang Media Taster

TAKE A LOOK TO THE RIGHT. You see that tall, narrow flashing thing that rather looks like an MP3 player? Well, it rather behaves like an MP3 player as well -- it's the Bottle Gang media taster, brought to you by the folks at Intelligent Media Platform. They have created similar players for Bust, City Pages, and the Austin Chronicle, and one would think they would have better sense to associate with a disreputable lot of drunks, but apparently they don't. And we thank them for it.

With great regularity, we at The Bottle Gang will be updating our Media Player with the latest and greatest drinking songs, some from IMPs already vast collection of music, some from the distant past, and some brand new and unique to the The Bottle Gang. By the way, if you have a drinking song to contribute to our Media Player, send us an email at max [at]; we're always looking to add a new soundtrack to our revelries.

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