Mixology Monday: Cream

WE AT THE BOTTLE GANG have decided to participate in a little project called "Mixology Monday," in which one Monday per month the various cocktail blogs suggest, or invent, a drink based around a certain theme.

Mixology Mondays logoThis month, the theme is cream drinks, which is to say cocktails that were made with cream liqueurs, such as Bailey's Irish Cream, or actually had cream in them, such as the White Russian. Crème liqueurs, which have no actual cream in them, were excluded. Check in with Morsels and Musings this weekend to see what the other cocktail blogs produced for this month's theme.

So we went ahead and invented a drink. The drink is made from B&B (a mixture of Benedictine and Brandy), Bailey's Irish Cream, and Blackberry Brandy, and so we named it the Straight B. For a short while, we considered calling it the Three Point Oh, or The Hive ('cause it's all Bs), or a similar punning name, but then we thought better of it.

The resulting cocktail is creamy and sweet, but not overly so, with a mellow blackberry flavor. Here's how to make it:

The Straight B

Two shots B&B
One shot Bailey's Irish Cream
One-half shot blackberry brandy

Serve in a lowball glass over ice. (SPARBER)

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Anonymous said...

Good Grief. You are all going to be pretty hosed up every Monday. That is quite a drink...(The straight B). Haven't tried it yet because I don't dare. :)