The Yellow Cake Batter Martini

NO, NO, NO, NO--NOT THE kind you buy from Niger.

It's more like this-------------->

And boy if it isn't delicious. And yes, you can start yelling at me now about how it's not really a martini according to my own rules because it has vodka instead of gin in it, but here's what I say to that: Phooey. I'm not saying it's a martini; it's just called a martini. When I go to Fuji-Ya for happy hour sushi, I want something girly and tasty and this fits the bill nicely.

The recipe is simple: Stoli Vanil, White Creme de Cacao and a bit of Frangelico. Put it in a shaker, shake that sumgun and then serve in a cocktail glass with a cherry. Bonus point for tying the cherry stem in a knot with your tongue. Thank you, Audrey Horne. You know what else would be good in there? One of those Pocky Snacks. Especially if they're the Men's variety, as pictured there.

What's great about the drink is how eerily it replicates the taste of good old Duncan Hines yellow cake batter. I can't say exactly what the proportions are for the ingredients, since I haven't tried to make one myself, but all I need is some Stoli Vanil and Frangelico and I'll be good to go. I'll get back to you on what the exact measurements are once I get them down. (McPHERSON)


amanda said...

i think steve ordered one of these last night. i saw the waitress set it on the table, but i don't remember seeing it after that. if someone passes up sake, it must be for a good reason. rock on...boozy

Robby Johnson said...

Did you ever figure out the proportions? I love me some yellow cake batter.