Drinking Game: Sandbox Rodeo

OUR RECENT TRIP TO THE Red Dragon reminded me of a game that my friends invented that makes good use of a certain playground implement in a nearby park. I'll just get out of the way and let my friend/game inventor Joey Vegas tell it:

How it goes down: You must drink a prerequisite 2 specialty drinks, preferably the Zombie. Then proceed to the park between Colfax/Bryant and 24th/25th in uptown. There you will find a piece of playground equipment obviously meant for children but defiled by us adults. It's hard to explain but it's a football-shaped piece of equipment that has a pair of handles on it. It is meant for grabbing onto with your hands and propelling yourself across a 6 foot tall, 10 foot long bar. This football-shaped object spins around 360 degrees freely on the bar.

Some friends and myself discovered this appartus one night after consuming a couple of these Zombie drinks, since the park was on the stumbling route home from the Dragon. I'm not exactly sure as to how it happened, because of the alcohol, but before we knew it we were climbing on top of the football-shaped piece and trying to ride it across the beam. With our feet in the spot where you would normally hang on to it, we tried to pull ourselves across this 10 foot bar to the other side. Not the brightest idea for many reasons: the 360 degree spin capabilities of the equipment, the slightest shift in weight and you're falling off, not to mention you're about 7 feet up in the air, and there's also a large metal balance beam within falling distance for you to crack your head on. We later made a rule to have "spotters" to prevent people from falling on this beam.

After many failed attempts, we started getting our balance, which was, again, difficult due to the amount of alcohol we had ingested. After we were confident in this stage, maybe beacuse the drinks were wearing off, we then started adding "Style Points" for embellishments such as pretending we were on a bull and trying to pull ourselves across with one hand while keeping the other free to do stylistic flavorings. Thus this is where the rodeo name came into play. After several trips to the Red Dragon and back home, this game started catching on, and we started gathering other friends and passers-by to join in on the competition. Because of the prerequisite drinks rule at the Red Dragon, and different levels of alcohol tolerance, style points became a huge thing in the game. It was no longer about just getting across this beam-- it was about how many tricks you could do in the process and how impressive your dismount was, because after all, if you made it across you still had to get down gracefully. After founding this game with a friend and holding the champion spot for several outings, I have stepped down in competition and have become an official judge. I will still get up and ride every once and a while, but only for the nostalgic feeling it brings when I'm drunk. I love the Red Dragon, and all of the staff there.

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